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Handling Complex Insurance Company Issues

Disputes with insurance companies are some of the most common issues that require experienced business litigation attorneys. Insurance companies often put individuals and businesses through rigorous examination to determine if the claim is valid. When an insurance company is unreasonably holding out money to investigate a claim, a bad faith insurance claim can be filed. Likewise, when an insurance company has denied a valid claim, an attorney who is an insurance specialist should be consulted.

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We have handled hundreds of insurance coverage and bad faith cases, for both insurance carriers and insureds, and are proven leaders in this area of the law. In one coverage and bad faith case, in which we represented the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, we settled for approximately $17 million; this was shortly after our client won a decisive motion on the key coverage issues. We were also the first law firm in the United States to have a large punitive damages verdict upheld on appeal for a homeowner in an insurance bad faith case involving water damage and mold. In that case, Rogers v. USAA, our homeowner clients received $400,000 in emotional distress damages, as well as attorneys’ fees and punitive damages and prejudgment interest, for a total amount exceeding $2.2 million.

Attorney Charles S. LiMandri is a member of the Board of Editors of the respected California Insurance Law and Regulation Reporter, and the California Tort Reporter, both published by West Group. Mr. LiMandri has also published and lectured extensively on insurance coverage and bad faith issues regionally, nationally, and internationally. Unlike other attorneys who specialize in insurance law and practice, Mr. LiMandri is double-board certified in Pre-Trial Practice and Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, which is accredited by the State Bar of California and the American Bar Association; and he is a member of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates, and is also listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers, as well Super Lawyers for Southern California.

What Claims Are Often Disputed?

The following are some insurance claims commonly disputed by the provider:

  • Life insurance – Even when a family has lost a valued member, some insurance companies put up a fight before paying out. Insurance companies will sometimes argue that the cause of death was not covered in their policy.
  • Property insurance – If a natural disaster or unfortunate accident destroys your home or business, you are entitled to insurance as mandated by your policy. Unfortunately, there are some that may try to take advantage of this policy by purposely destroying their building to collect the money. Do not let your legitimate claim be over-investigated for fraud—you have gone through enough already.
  • Fire insurance disputes – For over three decades, our firm has successfully handled many fire insurance cases, including up to and through trial. For example, in the Rocca case, we settled with the insurance company for a very large amount, for the full contract benefits and emotional distress damages, after the jury found the insurance company acted in bad faith and with malice. In the Whispering Winds Conference Center case, arising out of the Cedar Hills wild fires, we settled for $2 million after we won a major pre-trial motion, which was only about one hour before jury selection.

Have an Attorney Look Over Your Policy Today

It is incredibly frustrating to have an insurance claim denied. Most insurance companies do not expect the insured to have a lawyer fight on their behalf. Often they will move into action the minute an attorney sends them bad faith insurance papers. Speak with one of our Rancho Santa Fe bad faith insurance attorneys to find out what your options are after an insurance claim denial.

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