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When you own real estate, you may find yourself in conflict with neighbors, a business entity, or the local government. Our firm has handled complex real estate cases involving landlord/tenant disputes, disputes between neighbors regarding CC&Rs, actions to collect against notes secured by deeds of trust, and much more.

It is best to enlist the aid of a Rancho Santa Fe real estate attorney to resolve these complex and hotly contested cases in an efficient and hopefully amicable manner.

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What Real Estate Disputes Can An Attorney Resolve?

Real estate disputes are often complex. For example, if a tree on your neighbor’s property has a branch that extends into yours, who has the authority to cut down the branch? It may block desired sunlight on your property or litter your lawn with leaves, but the neighbor refuses to remove the branch. In this simple example, a real estate lawyer can research the local law and present facts to a court that will justify your right to have the branch removed.

The following are examples of common real estate disputes:

  • Constructing an addition to your property that extends the property line or violates a restrictive covenant in the deed.
  • Attempting to install an addition to a property without building permits.
  • Installing loud machinery on a property that disturbs local residents.
  • Failing to maintain a property and lowering the local property values.

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Whether you have a complaint with a neighbor or local business, or are the subject of a complaint yourself, the team at LiMandri & Jonna LLP can help. Our Rancho Santa Fe real estate lawyers utilize years of civil litigation experience to defend the property rights of our clients. We are well respected in the local community and we have the trial and litigation experience necessary to fully defend your interests in a complex dispute.

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