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If you are the victim of fraud on the part of a stockbroker or investment advisor, there are laws in place to protect you and help you recover your losses. These cases are often highly complex and must be evaluated by an experienced securities fraud lawyer. Paul M. Jonna of LiMandri & Jonna LLP has substantial experience representing individual and institutional investors in complex securities cases.

He has represented institutional and individual investors in FINRA securities arbitration proceedings, in cases involving unsuitable trading, boiler room sales, complex real estate investments, and a broad variety of credit instruments – most of which resulted in substantial, confidential settlements. He also represented individual and institutional investors in securities class actions resulting in cumulative settlements exceeding $500 million, including Public Employees Ret. Sys. of Mississippi vs. Merrill Lynch & Co. ($315 million recovery); In re Wells Fargo Mortgage Pass-Through Certificate Litigation ($125 million); and In re AXA Rosenberg Investor Litigation ($65 million).

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Identifying Investment Fraud

The job of an investment broker is to evaluate the pros and cons of their clients investing in various companies. Part of a broker’s job is to ascertain details about their client’s income in order to determine what kind of investments will be safe. There are always risks in an investment, but if a broker is haphazardly recommending investments just to earn a commission, they may be liable for the losses of their client.

Investment fraud can include:

  • Broker-dealers making investments on behalf of clients without their permission
  • Businesses releasing inaccurate reporting of income in order to mislead investors
  • Churning-when brokers make excessive investments in order to earn higher commissions
  • Failure of brokers to collect information on client’s income, debts, taxes, and other information in order to make informed investments

Enlist Experienced Legal Counsel

Having an attorney knowledgeable in business litigation and investments is vital to these cases. If you are a victim of fraud, it can be difficult to prove that your losses were the result of someone else’s irresponsibility without a firm understanding of how securities and investments work. Likewise, if you are being accused of misleading investors, you will need legal counsel that can prove you did all in your power to protect their investment.

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