Car accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence in the United States that can result in catastrophic injuries. Insurance companies are forced to pay for these accidents on a daily basis, and many have trained their agents to look for ways to avoid covering the injured whenever possible. You will need a skilled Rancho Santa Fe car accident lawyer’s help to ensure that you receive just compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

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We Handle Numerous Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

With the wide array of motor vehicles out there, the term “car accident” is not always specific enough to describe the type of wreck you may have suffered. Colliding with a truck or motorcycle requires an entirely different approach than an average car collision.

The team at LiMandri & Jonna LLP handles motor vehicle accidents involving:

  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles
  • Trucks
  • SUV rollovers
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV accidents)
  • Pedestrians
  • Boats

Depending on what kind of car accident you were involved in, the recoverable damages and liable parties will vary. An attorney can help you determine what to realistically expect from a lawsuit and which people may be responsible. An opposing driver is not always to blame for the accident—sometimes wrecks can result from a bad mechanic or defective vehicle parts. Having a professional investigate the cause is an important step in any car accident case.

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It can be hard to even consider pursuing a lawsuit after sustaining an injury, but consulting with a Rancho Santa Fe car accident attorney quickly is imperative to your case. Insurance companies will use recorded calls to entrap you into saying something that weakens your claim, and evidence supporting your case becomes harder to find over time. The team at LiMandri & Jonna LLP has helped thousands of clients win what they are rightfully owed after an accident.

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