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After being involved in a pedestrian accident, it is natural to feel anxious about the future and nervous about resuming your day-to-day life. No one ever expects to get hit by a car, and the experience is very traumatic. The accident can never be erased, but with a Rancho Santa Fe pedestrian accident attorney you can pursue a lawsuit, receive financial recovery, and hopefully find some sense of peace knowing that the responsible party was held accountable.

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Understanding Pedestrian Rights

California law is very protective of pedestrians. There are very few instances where a pedestrian is blamed for being hit by a car. While there is a decent chance your case will be recognized by a court, you will need a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to evaluate the full extent of your damages. It can be hard to predict that actual cost of all your medical bills long-term, and you may be entitled to more damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Drivers are often held responsible in pedestrian accidents if:

  • The driver was talking on a cell phone or texting while driving
  • The car turned into a crosswalk that was telling pedestrians to cross
  • The driver was intoxicated
  • The vehicle had not received proper maintenance and had difficulty with braking and accelerating

There is a chance that there are additional parties responsible for the accident, including the vehicle manufacturer or a mechanic that did not perform the full extent of their duties. An attorney will investigate these matters to ensure every angle of the case has been covered.

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Having a reliable and trusted Rancho Santa Fe pedestrian accident attorney on your side after this tragedy can be a source of comfort. At LiMandri & Jonna LLP, our lawyers have helped others in your situation and know what steps to take to help you receive the maximum recovery.

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