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Anyone who owns property knows that failure to maintain one’s property in a safe condition can be dangerous for residents, employees, or visitors. The owner of the property is in the best position to know where any dangers lie and to repair them before anyone gets hurt. In recognition of this basic truth, our laws place legal responsibility on businesses, landlords and other commercial and residential property owners to maintain their properties in a safe condition.

This area is known as premises liability law. If you are injured on another person’s property—and the injury could have been prevented by reasonable action by the property owner—then you may have the legal right to seek compensation from the property owner for your medical bills and other expenses.

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Investigating Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability lawsuits are notoriously difficult — and victims of accidents caused by a property owner’s negligence often have a difficult time getting fair compensation for their injuries. At the LiMandri & Jonna LLP, our San Diego personal injury lawyers have extensive experience prosecuting successful premises liability claims.

Our team is led by seasoned local personal injury attorney, Charles LiMandri, an AV-rated attorney who is board certified in civil trial advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

We investigate and evaluate all types of premises liability claims, including:

  • Slip and fall claims in supermarkets, department stores, home repair stores and other businesses
  • Trip and fall accidents due to unrepaired potholes or cracks in commercial parking lots
  • Falls caused by unrepaired stairs or handrails
  • Assaults in apartment complexes or commercial establishments that could have been prevented with adequate security measures

Slip & Fall Accidents

The most common premises liability lawsuit involves slip and fall accidents. Wet floors, unstable carpeting, damaged floors, and exposed wiring can all result in a serious injury. Some slip and falls even result in catastrophic injury when they damage the victim’s spinal cord.

Maintaining a safe floor is one of the most basic tenets of property management. Properties open to the public are required to maintain acceptable safety measures for guests. Many businesses expect to have a slip and fall lawsuit at some point. You will need an experienced attorney to represent your claim against their defense. There is an unfortunate popular bias that people are faking these accidents. We know what evidence to gather to prove a valid claim.

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